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Accurate restoration requires access to accurate information and materials. These books are now available on our sister site Clicking on the photos below will take you there.
Art Glass in 1909
Art Glass in 1909

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A Facsimile Reproduction of the Official Catalog of the National Ornamental Glass Manufacturers Association
Art Glass in 1913
Art Glass in 1913

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A Facsimile of the International Art Glass Catalogues of the National Ornamental Glass Manufacturers Association
Art Glass Bungalow Windows
Art Glass Bungalow Windows
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Twenty Designs from the Early 20th Century

Stained Glass - An Architectural Art Form

Stained glass is an architectural art form an essential part of the character of your house. Chicago is the only city in the country to feature gold mirrored glass in thousands of its residential stained glass windows pure 24 karat double-sided gold mirror that reflects the lamp light indoors and adds sparkle to life on the street. Our goal is to help homeowners and stained glass studios appreciate, preserve and restore this uniquely Chicago art form.

Finished Mirrors and Authentic Stained Glass Designs

We sell the thin gold mirrored glass for stained glass windows on our sister site at We collect gold mirror stained glass designs. We have additional authentic Arts and Crafts stained glass designs for our customers to consult.

Stained Glass Owner's Manual

Our online Stained Glass Owner's Manual is designed to answer some of the questions our customers have asked over the years including:

Stained Glass Ltd. - Business Announcement

As of September 1, 2010, we are no longer accepting stained glass jobs so we can concentrate on our mirroring supply business, . Please feel free to use the designs on this site and read our stained glass Owner's Manual.

Our books are certainly still available as shown above.

If you are looking for a studio to repair a broken stained glass window, we suggest that you look in your local, printed Yellow Pages under the heading "Glass, Stained and Leaded" to find a studio near you.

Stained glass design
Old window glass
Old Window Glass
Owner's Manual

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